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Mrs Gibbons Flowers is a studio based business owned by David and Amber Gibbons. Created by a love of Nature and seeing people’s dreams come to life through flowers. With careers in floral styling, Business Development, Account management and Wedding coordination that spans over 20 years, we have helped create thousands of Weddings, Parties, Fashion Shows and corporate events. We specialize in Wedding and Event floral styling and love sourcing the very best quality and unique blooms from around Australia to produce something unique that will make each client’s dream event come to life!
We also have an small range of gorgeous hire items available, we also have a handful of suppliers around Queensland and Sydney who can source any pieces we may not have on hand.
We have studios in Brisbane, QLD and Bulli, NSW which enables us to service Brisbane, The Gold Coast, The Tweed Coast, Byron Bay, Toowoomba and Beyond.
Mrs Gibbons Flowers style is modern whimsical using modern pieces with soft romantic florals that leave their clients blown away. Amber and David love working alongside their clients to bring to life their event, wedding or launch.

About Mrs Gibbons Flowers

Amber Gibbons – Owner Stylist

Amber started her floristry journey in Sydney doing work experience for an exciting new florist in the bustling city called Flourish Flowers Merchants under the original owner Vanessa Rickard. Her love of all things floral and foliage grew and eventually Vanessa asked her if she would like to come on as Trainee and would put her through a ‘buying’ traineeship, where she learned the art of buying also touching on visual merchandising and management. Amber went on to oversee bringing on new corporate clients. Walking the busy city streets and walking through the doors of Sydney’s most influential companies, then focusing on corporate floral styling. Flourish created the floral installations for Sydney’s fashion shows, brand launches, parties and weddings. You name it they did it! Amber was growing as a florist and got a taste for it that has only grown over 20 plus years. Amber has worked at Double Bays Mandalay Flowers, Melbourne’s Say it with Flowers and freelanced with some of Australia’s most innovative floral designers.

Floristry has also seen Amber move into many areas of the event industry such as coordination, styling and business development.

Her style is modern whimsical using unique/modern pieces with soft romantic florals that leave her clients blown away. She loves working alongside her clients to bring to life their event, wedding or launch.

David Gibbons  – Owner

Davids main function within Mrs Gibbons Flowers is to oversee marketing and advertising.
David has a background in account management, marketing  and customer service. Starting his career in account management at Carnival Australia he oversaw 120 key accounts.

David has a genuine love for people and building relationships.

‘My role within Mrs Gibbons Flowers is mainly in the background but you will always see me delivering flowers and setting up events with Amber, I love seeing all our months of background work come to life on the day. It is such an honor to play a small role in another persons event!’