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Tweed Coast Weddings, Wedding Florist, brisbane weddings, Byron Bay weddings, hair, makeup makeup,flowers, bride to be bride to be, bridesmaid bridesmaid, engaged
Tweed Coast Weddings, Wedding Florist, brisbane weddings, Byron Bay weddings, hair, makeup makeup,flowers, bride to be bride to be, bridesmaid bridesmaid, engaged engaged
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Jody Callan Hair

Jody Callan Hair


Jody Callan became a friend immediately when i noticed her and Prue Conway at Wedding Expos Australia in Brisbane 2017. A friend Simona was in desperate need of a hair and makeup artist for a very special shoot we were doing the week after and it was like our stands being placed back to back had been meant to be. I asked them both if they would like to be involved and the rest is history.

I am so excited to share a little of Jody’s answers to how she got started and who inspires her. Enjoy xx


  • Tell us a few tidbits about you. How did you get into Hair Styling?

I guess I have always been creative, I started out studying beauty and makeup but later decided to study hairdressing so I could be a hair and make up artist – numerous makeup courses later I still am stronger in hairstyling and its where my passion lies


  • What’s the story behind Jody Callan Hair?

Jody Callan Hair started in April 2017 after my lovely friend Prue Conway make up asked me at our friends hens party, “Why aren’t you doing the bride to be’s wedding hair?” and so I did and from then Jody Callan Hair was created has blossomed attracting clients in the Bridal and Formal market. Being blessed to collaborate with Mrs Gibbons Flowers and many other creatives along the way.


  • Why do love what you do?

I am a hopeless romantic and love all things love especially when I get to create my signature hairstyles for my beautiful clients just being involved in the preparation on the biggest day in their lives or for a special event means the world to me. I pinch myself at how lucky I am and how grateful I am to be chosen to create.


  • Do you have any career highlights so far?

Jody Callan Hair is almost one year young and my highlight is achieving my yearly weddings goal (and more) working with the most amazing creatives is honestly the highlight of my day week month year! Working for myself is so amazing I feel very excited, grateful, sometimes tired and overwhelmed but super thankful for all 2018 has in store.


  • What are your three absolute favorite parts of your job?

Creating hairstyles for my beautiful Brides, Collaborating with the most talented creative, The beautiful locations


  •  It’s Sunday Morning (and you have the day off). What would we find you doing?

I always try to have Sundays off so you will find my husband my daughter and I off on a family adventure being  Scottish and Irish we tend to flock to the beach (hee hee ) we are foodies so of course we source somewhere yummy to  enjoy a lovely lunch together and just enjoy each others company.


  •  Some Words of Advice for clients-to-be

I think Brides to be invest so much time into planning their wedding day it is only one day and it is gone in the blink of an eye so be sure to check out who you are booking and their style so you can ensure you have the perfect creatives  for your wedding day I think it is important to invest in the dress, hair, make up, photographer and florist to ensure your vision for your big day is everything you dreamed of and more.


  • If you could work on a major event what would it be? (if your wildest dreams could come true)

Not so much an event but I would love to work alongside Andrew Fitzsimons he is an Irish  Celebrity Hairstylist based in L.A He is a total hair guru and creates the amazing hairstyles on the Kardashian beauties. I just love all his hair styling he sets the trends and makes it look so effortless.


  • Who inspires you?

So many creatives inspire me to many to list, I am surrounded by the most amazing hairstylists all boss babes part of  growing group that are super passionate hair artists we all support and adore each others individual creations as we are all unique in our styling. We all share the same passion  and love creating beautiful styles for our Brides to be.



Jody would love to hear from you. For availability and quote please call Jody 0403 187 042 or fill in the booking enquiry form at Jody Callan Hair

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