party, planning, styling, floristry, dinner parties, destination weddings, corporate functions, weddings
party, planning, styling, floristry, dinner parties, destination weddings, corporate functions, weddings, byron bay weddings, gold coast weddings, destination weddings, brisbane weddings
party, planning, styling, floristry, dinner parties, destination weddings, corporate functions, weddings, byron bay weddings, gold coast weddings, destination weddings, brisbane weddings
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The Perfect Party Co

The Perfect Party Co


Providing everything from planning + styling + floristry for dinner parties of 12, to international destination weddings, and corporate functions of 500+, to a clientele grown solely from referral. The Perfect Party Company will create a very memorable unique event, created with love!

Meeting Amey at Brisbane’s very first One Fine Day was an absolute highlight for me! She is a breath of fresh air, so genuine, warm and edifying. Speaking truth at just the right moment and one heck of a creative. Every stand she created was Epic and so very well thought out to capture the very heart of the business it was housing. It is an honour to know her and her lovely husband Michael who also run the amazing sister company Out Of The Dark Event Lighting.

  1. Tell us a few tidbits about you. How did you get into Planning, styling and floristry?

I think I set my first formal table when I was all of 3 or 4, I can remember gathering bits and bobs from the yard for the centrepiece and as the years went on I remember handwriting menu’s and placecards. Sitting down for meals was a big thing in my family, we owned a family business and the hours my parents worked were prenominal, so there was always great importance in sitting down for a meal together and I suppose I always liked to enrich that with my touches that got slightly more elaborate over time.


  1. What’s the story behind The Perfect Party Co?

I have always worked in industries complementary to interiors and just over 5 years ago I thought I would like to move into Interior Design. My best friends wedding was around the corner, as was my brothers and both had asked me to create the spaces for them. It was then that I realised I loved how fast paced event design was, it’s a labour of love for an instillation that is required for all of 8-12 hours, and then destroyed, but you get the chance to do it all again sometimes the next day or the following week and for me it was the push to continually create something new and the opportunity to explore so many more concepts than what I might be able to in interiors where you usually live with them for 5-10 years that was the catalyst for starting The Perfect Party Co.


  1. Why do love what you do?

I love the thought that I have created a space in which memories were created and enriched. That being within the spaces I have created have stirred emotions and heightened peoples senses to the purposes of which they were gathered for. I love that I am welcomed by so many to do that for them.


  1. Do you have any career highlights so far?

Over the past 5 years I have met and formed relationships with so many phenomenal people, both vendors and couples. I am delighted to say I have a beautiful couple in which I have provided for their engagement, wedding, and child’s first birthday, whilst I have others who have taken me overseas to Fiji and New Zealand to create weddings for family and friends and then worked with me on projects interstate. I am incredibly fortunate and I think it is these bonds which are and always will be my highlights.


  1. What are your three absolute FAVOURITE parts of your job?

Delivering the bouquets. The moment when all the candles are lit and the guests are ready to enter the room and you get that moment to step back and take it all in. And speeches, I am a sucker for a good speech! I love that opportunity we have to say out loud how much we love or feel about someone, wedding speeches enable us to verbalise that and I love bearing witness to it.


6. It’s Sunday Morning (and you have the day off). What would we find you doing?

Ha ha ha day off? On the rare occasion it happens, an ideal Sunday is a motorbike ride [passenger of course!] to the local markets for breakfast [Bahn Mi & fresh orange juice gets me every time!], pottering around home and then an afternoon spent with my gorgeous niece and nephew.


  1. Some Words of Advice for clients-to-be

Planning a wedding is a big deal, but it’s really not at the same time! Don’t get overwhelmed, either engage with a professional you trust to guide you through or if going it alone, remember the most important elements, are yourself, your partner and a celebrant /priest – and then food and beverage and everything after that is the cream on top – it’s not a necessity but it’s nice if you can.


  1. If you could work on a major event what would it be? (if your wildest dreams could come true)

Celebrities and large scale events don’t excite me, I like the intimacy of the events I hold. If I could work on something major though, it is a fundraising event I have been ticking over that I think would be amazing. It’s to raise funds for Youngcare, a charity that I am passionate about and hopefully it just might come to fruition.


  1. Who inspires you?

I am inspired on so many different levels by so many. On a local front my dear friend Josh Withers inspires me regularly with his business mind and his genuine investment in this industry as a whole and it’s betterment.


On a global art front CJ Hendry and Oliver Jeffers.


In events, David Stark, Gloss Creative and Joost Bakker

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