Sydney wedding florist

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Sydney wedding florist

Images on our about page are by Bulb Creative, Callie Marshall

That’s why Mrs Gibbons Flowers exists, we truly love to create beautiful floral pieces that represent you and bring to life your dreams.

Whether you’re having an elopement, a bridal shower, a reception, your office needs brightening up or you are having a product launch, our team wants to bring your event to life.

My husband David (The Mr of Mrs Gibbons Flowers) also works in the business full time and you will find him onsite rocking your hanging installation or backdrop, on the laptop or on the road helping with the every day running of our business. Davids eye for patterns and modern pieces helps to create a really strong design process.

We love sitting down with you and hearing your stories, your ideas, your vision and helping make sure your occasion is truly a representation of you. Each of our events is worked on by my handpicked team of incredible florists who represent who Mrs Gibbons is and our aesthetic.

We are so looking forward to hearing from you for your wedding day or special event!

Amber Gibbons

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I have been in love with flowers since I was a small child.

Sydney wedding florist

My grandfather would spend hours showing me all of the beautiful and unusual plants in his overflowing greenhouse. Whatever he touched blossomed. I don’t remember any of his creations being anything short of glorious. My Mother and Father were also keen gardeners and our home growing up was an overflowing jungle of big leaves.

I became a florist at age 14 and what truly made me fall in love with it was handing over a bunch or vase of thoughtful blooms to the recipient. I can’t truly describe the look in someone’s eyes or the smile that beams off a face or the way flowers can dry up a river of tears.

A man sitting down on a black stool with dried bushes on the ground. The white flowers are inside the green dried flower bouquet with white Ribbons everywhere

Images on our about page are by
Bulb Creative, Callie Marshall

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We’d love to help you design your wedding or special event, send us a message to see how we can help.

Servicing The Sydney, Illawarra, NSW South Coast, The Southern Highlands regions. We also love to travel.