Corporate events are an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. They not only foster relationships but also enhance the company’s image. One detail that often goes unnoticed, but significantly impacts the ambiance of an event, is the use of florals. Let’s explore the importance of corporate florals in detail.

The Power of Florals in Corporate Events

Florals have the remarkable ability to bring life, vibrant colours, and a touch of elegant sophistication to corporate events. The sheer beauty of flowers not only adds aesthetic appeal but also carries a therapeutic effect that can alleviate stress and foster a serene and pleasant atmosphere. When thoughtfully chosen, these floral arrangements can seamlessly align with your brand image, creating a comprehensive and cohesive aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression on attendees. So, whether it’s a grand conference or an intimate networking event, let the exquisite charm of flowers elevate your corporate gatherings to new heights.

Choosing the Right Florals

Selecting the perfect florals for your corporate event is a meticulous and intricate process that demands a deep comprehension of your company’s brand, objectives, and the precise message you wish to communicate. Take into account the nature of the event and the exact impression you desire to leave. For example, suppose you are hosting a product launch; in that case, you might consider opting for striking and inventive floral arrangements that mirror your audacious and forward-thinking aspirations. By thoughtfully considering these factors, you can create an atmosphere that captivates and resonates with your attendees, leaving a lasting and positive impression.

Seasonal Florals and Sustainability

Opting for seasonal flowers is not only cost-effective but also promotes sustainability. By choosing locally sourced, in-season flowers, you are supporting local businesses and reducing your carbon footprint. This green approach demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility and can positively impact your company’s reputation. Additionally, using seasonal flowers adds a touch of natural beauty that perfectly complements any occasion or event. So, embrace the beauty of each season and make a conscious choice that benefits both your wallet and the planet.


Florals and Corporate Identity

When choosing florals to represent your corporate identity, it’s important to select arrangements that truly reflect the essence of your brand. If your brand is synonymous with luxury and elegance, opt for sophisticated arrangements of roses or orchids, carefully curated to exude a sense of refinement. On the other hand, if your brand has a more rustic or earthy identity, consider vibrant arrangements of wildflowers or lush green foliage, evoking a natural and grounded aesthetic. By choosing the right florals, you can create a visual language that communicates your brand’s values and resonates with your target audience.

Placement of Florals at Corporate Events

The placement of florals at a corporate event is crucial in maximising their aesthetic potential and enhancing the overall ambiance. Consider areas that garner attention like the entrance, registration desk, or stage. A beautifully designed floral arrangement at the entrance sets the tone, while flowers at the registration desk offer a warm welcome. Floral centrepieces on tables serve as conversation starters and add to the dining experience. Adorning the stage with flowers adds sophistication and creates a pleasing backdrop for photographs. Smaller bouquets or single flowers can be used as accents in quieter areas, drawing attention to details and creating visual interest throughout the venue. Remember, the goal is to create a coherent floral experience that guides attendees’ eyes and enhances their overall experience. Ensure that the placement of florals aligns with the event’s theme and your company’s branding.

Why Work with Mrs Gibbons Flowers

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Trending Floral Designs for Corporate Events

In the world of corporate events, staying on top of trends is vital. Let’s explore some of the trending floral designs that can add a contemporary touch to your event.

Monochromatic Arrangements: Single-colour floral designs can have a striking impact. By sticking to one hue (it could be your brand colour), you can create an impactful and stylish statement.

Dried Flowers: Dried flowers are currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity within the floral industry. Their charmingly unique textures and delicately muted tones have the remarkable ability to infuse any event with a rustic, earthy ambiance, effortlessly capturing the essence of natural beauty. Whether adorning a wedding, a special occasion, or even a simple home decor arrangement, these timeless botanical treasures add an enchanting touch that is sure to captivate and delight.

Succulent Centrepieces: Succulents, with their exquisite beauty and minimal upkeep, not only bring a touch of modern elegance to your event, but they also exude an eco-friendly charm that resonates with nature lovers. Their diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colours adds a captivating aesthetic, creating a visually stunning ambiance that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Wildflower Bouquets: Wildflowers can bring a sense of authenticity and warmth to your event. These arrangements work especially well for brands that wish to convey a sense of natural simplicity and charm.

Vertical Floral Installations: When it comes to event decorations, don’t limit yourself to tabletop arrangements. Consider incorporating vertical floral installations, like stunning floral walls or elegant hanging displays, to create a truly captivating and awe-inspiring ambiance.

Incorporating florals in corporate events goes beyond decoration; it is a powerful tool to visually communicate your company’s identity, values, and aspirations. From selecting the right blooms to partnering with a professional florist, every decision plays a role in creating a captivating atmosphere. Thoughtful placement and sustainability contribute to a lasting, positive impression that aligns with your brand’s vision. Let flowers elevate your corporate events and showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility.